rayban aviator

Currently one of the most iconic sunglass models in the world. This high detailed model includes various lens and metals shaders ready to use for Arnold and Corona Render.


The model was made from references images and data from the real model. 
Include C4D files and materials for Arnold renderer (C4DtoA v. 2.0.0 or above) and Corona Render (B1 or above).

The C4D files include 10 materials for the lenses (4 Classic and 6 Gradient glasses) and 6 metals for the glasses structure, with them you can create every combination of metals and glasses you want just by assign different materials at the parts of the model.

the product include

  • C4D file with Arnold Render shaders ready to use (v2.0.0 or above)

  • C4D file with Corona Render shaders ready to use (B1 or above)

  • 10 lenses shaders (classic and gradient glasses) and 6 metal shaders for the structure for both Arnold and Corona renders

  • .obj, .fbx, .3ds, .dae files for both the unfolded and folded version of the model

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